Go Camping!

Checklist for a camping trip



sleeping bag

camping mat

pocket knife

rain gear

warm jumper




music device (drums, guitar etc.)

solid shoes

games (cards, football etc.)

friends :-)


The first day:

16.00: Walk up the Schönberg.

17.00: Search for a good place to go camping, set up the tent.

18.00: Eat something.

19.00: Look for something to make a fire.

20.00: Make a fire, play a game and talk to your friends.

21.00: Make a little party (sing something, listen to music and dance with girls/boys) - Don't be too loud!!!

22.00: Relax and enjoy the time with your friends.

23.00: Go to bed.


The second day:

09.00: Stand up.

10.00: Go back home.