Castle Wildenstein

Form 6b’s school trip to castle Wildenstein


Our class went with our teachers Mr Herms and Mrs Cord-to-Krax for one week to Castle Wildenstein.

The first day we met at the train station early in the morning. But only half of our class got on the train when suddenly the doors closed. What a shock! The other half of our class stayed at the station and had to wait a long time. Finally, we all arrived in Beuron. Then we walked half an hour to the castle. Castle Wildenstein is a big youth hostel. Our class had their rooms in the west tower. Two other classes stayed there, too. Our rooms were really nice! Well, the complete castle is nice! We had a fantasic view from the castle! It´s an old castle and its color is white and brown.

In the evening we had dinner. The dinner wasn`t really good but the breakfast was always delicious.

Every day we had a lot of events. The weather was not really good. It often was rainy and windy! One day it was so foggy that you could not see a lot! But sometimes it was sunny too!

We really liked the geo-cashing tour because it was exciting. With the GPS we had to find boxes with numbers that helped us to find the treasure.

On Wednesday we went to the open air museum: in small groups we baked bread or made butter or other things. In the afternoon we were at the ”Haus der Natur” and did a really interesting quiz about animals. In the evening we played ”Werwölfe”.

On the fourth day we went by bus to the fossil museum. There we hammered fossils out of stone. Afterwards we took the bus to castle Lichtenstein. The castle Lichtenstein is a beautiful castle. We had a nice and interesting guide there. After that we visited the Nebelhöhle. It was very nice because the dripping stones were illuminated. There it was really cold and a little bit scary.

On the last evening we had a party! The girls dressed up as boys and the boys as girls. We turned on the music, danced and played games.

The next day we celebrated the birthday of a classmate and drove home. The departure was without troubles this time. We were all very tired.


That was a really, really nice class trip! Thank you Mrs Cord-to-Krax and Mr Herms!


We hope that we will do lots of more nice things with our class.